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Please help protect Ruskin & Whonnock watersheds!

Working to preserve Blue Mountain and its surrounding watersheds

A erial Photo of Blue Mountain:

Blue Mountain is valuable to the surrounding communities as well as to the entire lower mainland.  This forest acts as an excellent buffer zone, which helps maintain a healthy aquatic environment that is essential for the protection of our valuable water source.  This zone provides critical habitats for a wide variety of wildlife, reduces flooding, regulates in-stream processes, is responsible for nutrient flow, oxygenates polluted air and provides recreational opportunities.  Forests of this magnitude serve as the last line of defense from urban development.  Residents living in this area are genuinely concerned about logging in this area since this ultimately reflects the health of the watersheds, well water, and the Blue Mountain ecosystem.

Photo:  Blue Mountain, view north.  Maple Ridge, Ruskin Area
Waite Air Photos Inc.

Please help protect Ruskin & Whonnock watersheds!





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